August 25, 450 AD - January 27, 457 AD

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Divus Procopius Anthemius Augustus
Historical information on
Emperor Anthemius
Sacred Days:
January 1st - Became Consul
March 25th - Chosen as Emperor
April 12th  - Officially Proclaimed Emperor
July 11th  - Divine Apotheosis
Emperor Anthemius is remembered as
"The last of the capable Western Roman Emperors."
He was educated in Neoplatonic philosophy and was
the last pagan Roman emperor, although he was not
public in proclaiming his faith. It is believed he was
planning a revival of the ancient religions in Rome
but this goal went unfulfilled with his passing.
Classical Prayer and Offering:
Items Needed, Altar space, an image of the Emperor Procopius Anthemius Augustus, (optional)
 a candle or lamp, Incense, a small container of wine (or juice if necessary)
and a small, open dish to pour wine into.
When prepared, take a moment to reflect on the Divine Emperor, then light the lamp or candle saying:
"I offer this sacred flame in honor of Divus Procopius Anthemius Augustus.
May his Imperial legacy be honored and increased.
Focus for a moment on the Divine Genius (spirit) of the Emperor Procopius Anthemius Augustus shining with light.*
Next, light the incense, saying:
"Divus Procopius Anthemius Augustus, I offer this sacred incense to honor your divine spirit.
May your Imperial Power be well remembered, and bring good fortune to the world."
As the smoke of the incense rises, feel the sacred space around you being filled with the
Imperial power of Eternal Rome.
Finally, pour some wine from the container into the offering dish, saying:
"Divus Procopius Anthemius Augustus, I offer this sacred wine, that your spirit may be increased,
and bring divine good fortune upon I who remember you, and the world."
In your mind's eye, focus on the image of the centuries between you and the Divine Emperor
falling away, allowing you to be in the Imperial Presence. If you wish, you may now
state your own personal prayers, or ask for personal blessings in your own words.
To End The Rite; hold up the dish of incense (adding more if needed) and say:
"Divus Procopius Anthemius Augustus, I offer this sacred incense in atonement if there was fault
in any of this rite. I end this rite in honor."
Leave everything in place for at least a few minutes after leaving the altar space. It is proper
to respectfully offer the wine outdoors by pouring it on the ground after you have put out the incense and light.
Scented oil may be substituted for incense as a sacred scent if necessary.
*The "mental visualizations" between offerings are not documented historical, but are religious thoughts
that might have been likely. Trying them certainly cannot hurt the ritual itself.


Christian Prayer:
Look upon our most devout Emperor Procopius Anthemius Augustus, the desire of whose longing for you, O God,
know beforehand, and by the inexpressible grace of your kindness and mercy grant him the
tranquility of lasting peace and heavenly victory with all his people.


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